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Packaging: 30 day Refill pack, 214 gram

Price: SGD $38.00

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#1 Selling Collagen in Japan for the past 3 years !!

OVER 10,000,000 SOLD!!

The reason why it's so popular is that you can really feel the change(difference!).

Loved & supported by all generations who value beauty and have experienced the effect of this product, not only in Japan, but all over the world!

When you reach the age of 20, collagen in your body starts decreasing. In order for you to maintain a youthful appearance you need to replace your lost collagen.
The preferable amount of daily collagen is 5000mg that equals to 2-3 shark fins!
That is impossible to get from your daily diet. This product is the answer!
All you need is a good diet and a spoon (included) of this amino collagen daily.

One spoon (approx 7g) contains low molecular fish collagen 5000ml, Amino acid (Arginine) 450ml, Glucosamine 60mg and Vitamin C 50ml to help keep your skin looking and feeling as youthful as possible.

■ Fish collagen has approx 1.5 times the absorption rate as pig collagen.
Meiji Amino Collagen uses 100% low molecule fish collagen which is absorbed 1.5 times more than that of collagen from pig skin. The transparency of the product shows its purity.

■ Ingredients:
Fish collagen peptide, Marthe dextrin, vegetable fat and oil, V.C, glucosamine, arginine, spice, viscosity improver (pullulan), and emulsifying agent (A part of the raw material contains the milk constituent, the soybean, and the gelatin).

■ Nutritional content:
Energy 27kcal, protein 5.3g, lipids 0.08g, carbohydrates 1.3g, sodium 15mg, collagen 5000, vitamin C 50mg, arginine 450mg and glucosamine 60mg

■ Directions:
Drink 1 spoonful a day with your favorite beverage (measuring spoon is included)
This collagen powder is easily absorbed into coffee, juice, milk or any drink and the amino collagen won't affect the taste. You can also mix it with yogurt, etc


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